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#schoolsshow Postponed from the regular November weekend to April 2021. We shall prepare for ISS Spring with the same vigour, with a slightly improved weather forecast! ☀️🌸🌱#findtherightschool
Timeline Photos
Certified and comprehensive ‘Safer Event’ training complete to lead the Independent Schools Show 2020. Topics covered include delegate screening, social distancing, PPE, cleaning and in-person event provision. We know how to make the #schoolsshow as safe as possible this autumn for our exhibiting schools and visiting families. #saferevents #whitepaper #planyourchildsfuture
This is a unique opportunity to get your questions answered by an admissions director from one of the US universities most popular with international students:
Lisa Mortini, International Admissions, NYU
- How will COVID19 impact students at US universities this Fall?
Should 2020 entrants defer for a year?
- How safe is it to study in the US?
- Will admissions officers make allowances for lockdown when judging applications?
- Will there be fewer international applicants this year?
#USUniversities #education #Admissions
The Return to Boarding School
Wednesday 15 July 2020
10:30am - 11:30am
Starting at boarding school is always a big event. The transition from living at home to living at school after extended lockdown raises new challenges.
Our next online event on is designed to help British and international parents prepare their children to return or start at boarding school this autumn. It will also cover how schools are handling admissions.
More information here, on how to register for this free event:

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